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Talk About The Main Parts Of The Small Farm Corn Combine Harvester Overhaul Skills

Posted :2022/2/26 16:03:21      Tags:Farm Corn Combine Harvester harvestercorn harvester

The small farm corn combine harvester is an agricultural machine that has emerged in recent years, and its appearance has enabled farmers to say goodbye to the traditional way of manually harvesting corn, greatly reducing the labor intensity of farmers. People get sick and so does the machine, so we should take "preventive shots" in advance. Engine, power transmission mechanism, manipulation mechanism is the three main components of the small farm corn combine harvester, these parts if one of the problems, it may cause the equipment can not operate normally, how can we reduce or avoid this situation? The answer is regular maintenance and overhaul of these major components to prevent problems before they occur:

Talk About The Main Parts Of The Small Farm Corn Combine Harvester Overhaul Skills

Maintenance Of Farm Corn Combine Harvester Engine

The engine is the power source of the whole small farm corn combine harvester, and it should be maintained and serviced before each harvest. The engine overhaul mainly includes: changing the oil sump oil, maintaining and cleaning the "three filters" and water tank, checking and adjusting the valve clearance and oil supply time to achieve the best condition. Start the engine is easy to start, after starting to observe the oil pressure, engine temperature, water temperature, charging, lights, the situation of each instrument is correct. After the engine is well maintained, fix the speed in the standard speed, engage the threshing clutch, check whether the operation of the threshing drum, fan, draft device, sieve box, churn, cutter drive mechanism and other parts meet the technical requirements, and repair or adjust if necessary. After that, lubricate the lubrication points and bearings of the whole vehicle. After inspection and maintenance of the whole combine harvester, it can be put into operation only after the test run is confirmed to be correct.

Overhaul Of The Power Transmission Mechanism Of Farm Corn Combine Harvester

The power transmission of adopts two forms of tape and chain, and the gap of V-shaped belt pulley rim can be repaired by welding, and the weld mouth of belt groove bevel should be repaired and polished after welding. Check the damage and wear of the chain drive sprocket. Visually inspect and knock the chain wheel for cracks and damages, whether the top thread is broken and slipped, and whether the keyway is worn, etc. If so, it should be repaired or replaced. When the tooth thickness is 40% and the tooth width is 30%, the sprocket should be repaired or replaced, and after the above-mentioned wear, the sprocket can be repaired by overlay welding. The chain and sprocket have poor lubrication, high load, easy to shake, easy to adhere to the dust and debris, so they wear out faster, and the pitch increases due to the wear, and the chain elongates. Pay attention to the tension of v-belt and chain of small corn harvester should be in accordance with the regulations. The clutch should achieve reliable engagement, no slippage and complete separation; otherwise, it should be adjusted according to the manual.

Overhaul Of Farm Corn Combine Harvester Operation Mechanism

Check the operation mechanism should be carried out with the engine running, manipulate the hydraulic handle, make the cutting platform, grain wheel, stepless speed change and steering wheel move several times respectively to see if the technical requirements can be met; if there is any problem, repair or adjust, the operation mechanism should be flexible, light and not sink, not stuck.

Talk About The Main Parts Of The Small Farm Corn Combine Harvester Overhaul Skills

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