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Application Principle Of Ridging Film Mulching Machine

Posted :2021/12/22 16:05:17      Tags:Ridging Film Mulching Machine

The ridging film mulching machine is a utility model seedling transplanter. The seedling transplanter provides a transplanter with no injury to seedlings and high survival rate of seedling transplanting.

The ridging film mulching machine comprises a frame and a seat installed on the frame, a transmission box, a right conveyor belt, a seedling tray, a support wheel, a depth limiting driving wheel, a ditcher, a stubble breaking disc, a foot pedal and a left conveyor belt. For each seedling transplanting unit, the two depth limiting driving wheels are symmetrically inclined.

Application Principle Of Ridging Film Mulching Machine

Each ridging film mulching machine depth limiting driving wheel is composed of a driving rim, anti-skid convex teeth, a wheel hub and a spoke plate. The driving rim is fixedly installed on the spoke plate uniformly arranged along the circumference, and the outer side of the driving rim is uniformly arranged with anti-skid convex teeth along the circumference. The driving rim and the anti-skid convex teeth are designed as an integrated forming structure, and are made of styrene butadiene rubber.

Application Principle Of Ridging Film Mulching Machine

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