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What Are The Benefits Of Agriculture UAV Drone To Agriculture?

Posted :2021/12/9 15:33:11      Tags:Agriculture UAV Drone

What are the benefits of agriculture UAV drone to agriculture? The following agricultural UAV manufacturers give you a brief introduction:

Agricultural UAV drone is an unmanned aircraft used for agricultural and forestry plant protection. This type of UAV is composed of three parts: flight platform (fixed wing, single rotor and multi rotor), GPS flight control and spraying mechanism. The spraying operation can be realized through ground remote control or GPS flight control. It can spray chemicals, seeds and powders.

1. Agriculture UAV Drone saves water and medicine and reduces cost

The spraying technology of electric unmanned helicopter can save at least 50% of pesticide usage, save 90% of water consumption and reduce the cost of resources to a great extent.

2. Agriculture UAV Drone Significant control effect:

Agricultural UAV drone has the characteristics of low operation height, less drift and hovering in the air. The downward air flow generated by the rotor during pesticide spraying helps to increase the penetration of logistics to crops and has good control effect.

What Are The Benefits Of Agriculture UAV Drone To Agriculture?

3. Agriculture UAV Drone Low cost and easy operation:

Agricultural UAV drone has the advantages of small overall size, light weight, low depreciation rate, easy maintenance and low labor cost per unit operation; Easy to operate, the operator can master the essentials and perform the task after about 30 days of training.

4. Agriculture UAV Drone Efficient and safe:

The agriculture UAV drone has fast flight speed, and the scale operation can reach 120-150 mu per hour, and its efficiency is at least 100 times higher than that of conventional spraying; The UAV is operated by ground remote control or GPS flight control, and the spraying operators operate remotely to avoid the risk of exposure to pesticides and improve the safety of spraying operation.

Agriculture UAV Drone can also carry different task systems to carry out real-time monitoring of agricultural diseases and pests, confirmation of rural land rights, monitoring of crop growth and diseases and pests, pesticide application, pollination and fertilization.

What Are The Benefits Of Agriculture UAV Drone To Agriculture?

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