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Better Use Effect With Ridging Film Mulching Machine

Posted :2021/11/19 16:21:07      Tags:Ridging Film Mulching Machine

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of planting technology in pepper transplanter, traditional farming methods have been gradually replaced by ridge planting technology. When using a ridging film mulching machine, a planter of the ridging film mulching machine is required. And the row spacing, height and number of plants per mu of ridging should satisfy 0.9~1.2m/25~30cm and 4500 plants respectively.

The ridging film mulching machine used has single-row, double-row, four-row and other types. Use large tractors and large four-row planters for supporting operations. Vegetable transplanter manufacturers need to apply farm manure as base fertilizer before planting. When planting, it can complete multiple procedures such as ridging, ditching, planting, and deep application of chemical fertilizers at one time. The efficiency is very high.

Better Use Effect With Ridging Film Mulching Machine

The transplanting machine is composed of independent planting single groups, and each single group is driven by its ground wheels, so it can be used with tractors of different sizes to form a 2-6 row transplanter with the characteristics of building blocks.

The transplanter uses a rotating cup feeder. The feeder is composed of several feeding cups, and the diameter of the feeding cup corresponds to the size of the seedling bowl. There is a valve under each feeding cup, and the opening and closing of the valve is controlled by a cam mechanism. It opens when the feeding cup turns to the top of the seedling guide tube, allowing the seedlings to fall, and then closes.

Better Use Effect With Ridging Film Mulching Machine

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