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Maintenance Of Some Parts Of The Farm Corn Combine Harvester

Posted :2021/10/12 16:20:57      Tags:Farm Corn Combine Harvester corn harvesterharvester machine

Maintenance Of The Threshing Part Of The Farm Corn Combine Harvester

The threshing part of the farm corn combine harvester mainly checks the threshing drum and concave plate. After a period of use, the ribs and concave plates will produce uneven wear. When the wear is light, the working performance can be restored by adjusting the threshing gap.

Axial-flow drum pay attention to check whether the nail teeth are loose and missing teeth. The total thickness of the grain bar is 14±0.5 mm. When the grain bar is severely worn, the twill on the surface will be reduced or even flattened (the height of the twill should not be less than 0.3 mm). At this time, the grasping, rubbing, and detaching ability will be weakened, and the productivity will be low. , Poor removal rate, axial movement of crops to one side, it is easy to cause the drum to block, so it should be replaced with a new rod.

When replacing the farm corn combine harvester threshing accessories, the new and old grain rods cannot be mixed, and should be replaced as a set. Each grain rod should also have the same weight, and the curvature of the grain rod should not exceed 1 mm to prevent unbalanced rolling, causing strong vibration and accelerating machine damage. . After installation, the drum must be balanced. It can be adjusted by adding a counterweight (such as a gasket), but the counterweight must be firm and reliable to ensure safety. When the rod is broken, it cannot be welded and repaired. The waste should be forecasted, and the ratio of the threshing gap population to the outlet gap should be adjusted to 4:1.

Maintenance Of Some Parts Of The Farm Corn Combine Harvester

Maintenance Of The Separation And Cleaning Device Of The Farm Corn Combine Harvester

(1) Check the document stepper of the farm corn combine harvester. Check whether the side teeth of the key box are damaged, whether the crankshaft and the key box of the scanner are deformed. The deformation of the scanner will destroy the original correct trajectory of the key surface and reduce the separation effect. Use a ruler to measure the distance between the front and rear journals, and the measured distances are not equal, indicating that it has been deformed, and then specifically measure the deformed part, and correct the pressure of the deformed part. Always check the key surface and the inside of the key box during work to prevent clogging to prevent the loss of seeds.

(2) Check the gap between the document stepper and the side wall of the farm corn combine harvester. There should be a gap of not less than 5 mm, and the gap between two adjacent key boxes should not be less than 2 mm. Also, pay attention to the gap between the document shifter bearings (wood bearings).

(3) Overhaul of the grain cleaning room of the farm corn combine harvester. In order to reduce the impact caused by the movement of the screen box, the connection of the drive mechanism is made of rubber bearings (rubber sleeves). When the rubber bearings are aging and lose their elasticity or are damaged, the impact will increase and they should be replaced in time. Damaged fish scale sieves in the sieve box can be repaired. Remove the broken sieve from the shaft, replace it with a new sieve and weld it firmly to the sieve shaft. Check whether the adjustment mechanism of the upper and lower sieves is effective, and the sieves cannot be closed by themselves due to vibration during work.

Maintenance Of Some Parts Of The Farm Corn Combine Harvester

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