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The Choice Of Well Drilling Rig, The Turntable Is Very Important

Posted :2021/9/22 16:54:13      Tags:Well Drilling Rigwater well drill rigwater drilling rigs

For well drilling rig, what is the most critical? In fact, it is very simple, that is, the turntable. Because the turntable determines the working efficiency of the well drilling rig, what kind of turntable is the best choice? May wish to follow the editor to learn how to choose the turntable of the water well drilling rig.

First of all, when choosing the turntable of a well drilling rig, the turntable must be of high torque and a certain speed. Only in this way can the well-drilling rig be able to operate normally and ensure work efficiency.

The Choice Of Well Drilling Rig, The Turntable Is Very Important

Secondly, for the selection of the turntable of the well drilling rig, it is necessary to choose a turntable with seismic performance, as well as the ability to withstand impact and prevent corrosion. Such a turntable can improve work efficiency and increase service life when the well drilling rig is running. Since the well drilling rig needs to rotate in a cycle when it is running, it is necessary to pay attention to the choice of the rotary table which can rotate forwards and backwards. In this way, the normal operation of the well drilling rig can be guaranteed.

In addition, when choosing a turntable, pay attention to its sealing performance, and choose a turntable with good sealing and lubricating effect. In order to prevent mud or other dirt from entering the turntable during operation. If you accidentally enter the dirt, it will affect the normal rotation of the turntable and stop the well drilling rig.

For the choice of well drilling rig, we must pay attention to the choice of turntable. As long as the above requirements can be met, high-quality turntables can be selected to increase the work efficiency of well drilling rig. Now that everyone knows how to choose a water well drilling rig? In addition to paying attention to the above points, we must also pay attention to choosing a brand that is reliable, so that the quality of the turntable can be guaranteed.

The Choice Of Well Drilling Rig, The Turntable Is Very Important

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