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  • Share The Correction Method Of The Cutting Beam Of The Farm Corn Combine Harvester

Share The Correction Method Of The Cutting Beam Of The Farm Corn Combine Harvester

Posted :2021/8/21 15:12:38      Tags:Farm Corn Combine Harvester harvesterharvester machine

In recent years, small-scale farm corn combine harvester have been favored by farmers because of its compact model, flexible movement, compact structure, low failure rate, low power consumption, good operation quality, and high production efficiency. Many friends have already purchased it. Or plan to buy a small farm corn combine harvester.

After all, it is a new type of agricultural equipment. Many friends who are new to small farm corn combine harvester will encounter some problems more or less. In order to enable everyone to solve these problems as soon as possible, the technicians of Shandong Weixin Machinery have summarized some common knowledge of the use of small farm corn combine harvester, and today I will share with you the correction method of the cutting beam of small farm corn combine harvester:

Park the harvesting platform of the farm corn combine harvester on the special trailer for the harvesting platform. When parking, try to make the two ends of the harvesting platform bear the supporting force, and do not put the U-shaped beam in the middle on the frame of the trailer. Check if there is any break, if there is, it must be repaired first and then corrected.

Share The Correction Method Of The Cutting Beam Of The Farm Corn Combine Harvester

Take out the cutter before calibration to prevent the cutter from deforming during calibration. It is best to remove all the blade guards. One person looks at the beam from the head to the tail of the knife and points out the deformation of the beam with the naked eye. Then, according to the number of marks, prepare the corresponding number of jacks (5~8t) and logs (10~15 cm in diameter). Cut one end of the log into a V-shaped groove, and saw the other end into a plane. The length of the log is determined by the measured distance during farm corn combine harvester operation.

Finally, prepare some flat iron plates or flat wrenches of varying thickness. After the preparation work is completed, place a jack and a big round inclined jack between the highest point of the cutter beam and the square beam on the upper part of the farm corn combine harvester. The V-groove end of the log is just on the corners of the square beam, and the plane is just on the jack, and the bottom of the jack sits on the corners of the cutter beam.

Place the prepared flat iron plate or flat wrench in the angle between the jack, the cutter beam and the bottom plate of the header to stabilize the jack. Slowly raise the jack to deform the cutter beam by 1~2 cm excessively. Then the next highest point, the third highest point, etc. will be topped in turn. After jacking up, release the jack after parking for 1~2h. Check whether the cutter beam is straight. If it is not straight, use the above method again to cold press until you are satisfied. When cold pressing again, the jack can be changed position. Pay attention to safety during operation, the jack must be supported firmly, and the operator must work sideways to prevent the jack from popping out and hurting people.

Share The Correction Method Of The Cutting Beam Of The Farm Corn Combine Harvester

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