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The Importance Of Agriculture UAV Drone To Agricultural Development

Posted :2021/8/16 16:36:12      Tags:Agriculture UAV Droneplant protection droneUAV Drone

At present, there are more and more applications of agriculture uav drone, which have also attracted more and more attention. The attraction of agriculture uav drone is efficiency. Taking a drone with a take-off weight of 14kg as an example, spraying 20 acres of farmland can be completed in 15 minutes. The daily spraying area is 300-500 mu. Relying on artificial spray, the daily spray volume is only 10 mu. Even the high-efficiency sprayer on the ground plant protection machinery, the efficiency of the drone is 8.38 times its operating efficiency.

The application of agriculture uav drone spraying technology is not restricted by terrain and altitude. As long as the drone takes off within its flight altitude, it has the functions of remote control operation and flight control navigation independent operation. Just before the spray operation, collect GPS information of field crops, plan the route, enter the internal control system of the ground station, and the ground station will issue a command to the drone. The agriculture uav drone can carry the spraying device, automatically complete the spraying operation, and then automatically Fly back to the take-off point.

The Importance Of Agriculture UAV DroneTo Agricultural Development

While the agriculture uav drone is spraying operation, the progress of the spraying operation can be observed in real time through the display interface of the ground station (based on GPS technology and embedded system technology, the agriculture uav drone automatic navigation system is designed to achieve boundaries, waterways, farmland area and real-time flight Automatic planning of the path.)

The Importance Of Agriculture UAV Drone To Agricultural Development

The spraying technology of agriculture uav drone can save at least 50% of pesticide consumption and 90% of water consumption through spraying and spraying, which will greatly reduce resource costs. agriculture uav drone have the advantages of low depreciation rate, low fuel consumption, low unit operation labor cost, and convenient maintenance

With the application of agriculture uav drone technology in agriculture, it will fill the gap in the application of agricultural drones in China, and it is also a revolution in China's important agricultural drone technology. The application of agricultural drone technology will mark the true trend of China's agriculture moving towards the era of high-tech agriculture.

The Importance Of Agriculture UAV Drone To Agricultural Development

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