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What Are The Basic Problems That The Agriculture UAV Drone Control System Has To Solve?

Posted :2021/7/21 16:46:19      Tags:Agriculture UAV DroneUAV DroneUav

The development of agricultural plant protection drones has indeed brought markets and opportunities for agricultural aviation, and is also conducive to the development of agriculture UAV drone in China, especially in the adjustment of agricultural population structure, serious aging, and increased labor costs. Armed with science and technology Agriculture is an urgent problem to be solved by current agriculture and an inevitable trend of future development.

Today we will talk about the basic problems that the agriculture UAV drone control system must solve

What Are The Basic Problems That The Agriculture UAV Drone Control System Has To Solve?

1. Flight control.

Flight control is the basic control requirement of all aircrafts, and UAVs are no exception. Related software and equipment are required to control the rudder surface. Simply put, it converts the remote control signal into a change in the angle of the rudder surface to control the flight. For drones with autonomous flight, the software also needs to be connected to the flight status acquisition device, so as to autonomously control the flight according to the flight status.

2. Collection of flight status information.

Regardless of manned control or autonomous flight, corresponding equipment is required to collect the flight status of the agriculture UAV drone, such as altitude, speed, angle, etc., otherwise the flight cannot be controlled.

3. Signal transmission.

There are several signals, one is the operator's operation signal, which of course needs to be transmitted to the agriculture UAV drone; the other is the flight status signal, which needs to be fed back to the operator; the third is the signal of the functional equipment, including the information and equipment collected by the equipment Control signal.

4. Control of functional equipment.

There is nothing to say about this. For example, a reconnaissance drone needs to control the reconnaissance direction and accuracy of the reconnaissance equipment.

What Are The Basic Problems That The Agriculture UAV Drone Control System Has To Solve?

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