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How To Use Ridging Film Mulching Machine, Its Oil Consumption Is Small

Posted :2021/6/24 16:53:02      Tags:Ridging Film Mulching Machinemulching film machine

The sweet potato single ridging film mulching machine introduces how to use the ridge, fertilizing, filming, perforating and spraying machine, which consumes less fuel.

First of all, the user must choose a good oil. Some users will be greedy for cheap and buy low-priced but not good quality oil. In this way, it will be very oily in the production of rotary tillers, which in turn will cost more. In addition, the oil can be placed for a period of time before adding, reducing the entry of impurities is also a way to avoid fuel consumption.

Second, in the use of the ridging film mulching machine, avoid overloading the machine. Rotary tillers operate within a certain range, which can achieve high work efficiency with relatively small fuel consumption, and at the same time play a role in protecting the machine. However, if the pressure load of the ridger is too large, the fuel consumption will increase.

How To Use Ridging Film Mulching Machine, Its Oil Consumption Is Small

The cultivation method of sweet potato in my country is mostly ridging film mulching machine. This planting method has high labor intensity, multiple production links, and low degree of mechanization, which seriously restricts the industrial development of sweet potatoes. For this reason, a sweet potato ridge and film mulching machine was designed.

The ridging film mulching machine is designed with one ridge and two rows, and adopts rotary tillage and ridge ridge technology, which can significantly improve the operation efficiency and ridge quality; after ridge ridge, the compaction device is used to improve the compactness of the soil ridge, and two lines are opened on the ridge. Seedling ditch;

The drip irrigation belt is laid flat on the middle of the ridging film mulching machine, without distortion or bending, which is convenient for field management and is conducive to the growth of sweet potatoes; the use of the hole-fixing wheel to realize the hole-fixing on the film, which is convenient for planters to plant seedlings; realizes multiple operation processes One-time completion, including land preparation, fertilization, ridging, compaction, laying of drip irrigation tape, mulching and covering the soil and fixing holes on the film.

Field tests show that the ridging film mulching machine meets the agronomic requirements of sweet potato planting in terms of ridging quality, film mulching performance, and hole fixing effect.

How To Use Ridging Film Mulching Machine, Its Oil Consumption Is Small

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