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How The Chopper Works In A Farm Corn Combine Harvester

Posted :2021/6/21 16:42:11      Tags:Farm Corn Combine Harvester harvestercorn harvester

The chopper is one of the more power-consuming functional parts in the farm corn combine harvester, and its work quality is also affected by many factors. Poor blade shape design will double the power consumption, causing undesirable results such as vibration; poor interface handling can easily cause blockage, etc. Another function of the blade is to ensure the shredding quality of the material, so from a design perspective, the arrangement pattern of the blade on the shredder drum, the shape of the blade, and the interface method should be considered first. Due to the blade type and the transition interface of the shredder, the traditional shredding device often exhibits problems such as uneven shredding length and easy clogging, which causes damage to the relevant parts of the farm corn combine harvester.

How The Chopper Works In A Farm Corn Combine Harvester

After the stems are thrown from the document walker or the respective rollers, they fall onto the material deflector. After the material enters the chopper along the deflector, the stem is crushed under the combined action of the high-speed rotating moving blade and the fixed blade. At the same time, under the action of the strong airflow generated by the high-speed rotation of the movable blade, the stems are thrown from the spreader. In order to make the shredder work stably and reduce vibration, the dynamic balance level of the shredder drum after the installation of the movable blade is designed to be 6.3, and the maximum dynamic balance is 1.471N.m after theoretical calculation.

Application and Adjustment of Chopper in Farm Corn Combine Harvester

How The Chopper Works In A Farm Corn Combine Harvester

1. Cutting length adjustment

When farm corn combine harvester working, the cutting length of the material can be adjusted as needed. When harvesting different crops or in different harvesting periods, the position of the fixed knife holder handle can be adjusted. The lower the position of the handle, the greater the overlap between the movable blade and the fixed blade, and the better the chopped effect on the crop. However, the chopper consumes more power, so in the case of meeting the request for shredding the stalk, try not to adjust the position of the handle too low as much as possible.

2. Blade exchange

Damage to the movable blade can cause vibration, so when the movable blade is damaged, it must be replaced in time. After one side of the blade is damaged, the other side of the blade can be replaced. When the blade needs to be replaced, the weight of the new blade should be equal to the original blade base. When the number of blades is large, the dynamic balance should be performed again.

3. Stem Disperser

Before the shredder of the farm corn combine harvester is applied, it is necessary to install a stem sprayer with a guide plate. It not only plays a role of throwing but also acts as a shield. Adjust the stem and the stem by adjusting the angle of the guide plate of the left and right symmetrical spreading of the sprayer. Projection interval and width.

How The Chopper Works In A Farm Corn Combine Harvester

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