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The Structure Function Of The Farm Corn Combine Harvester Cutter

Posted :2021/6/10 16:14:22      Tags:Farm Corn Combine Harvester harvestercorn harvester

As an accessory product of the farm corn combine harvester, the chopper can crush the stalks thrown from the drafter or separate rollers and return it to the field. With the further implementation of my country's environmental protection policy, many regions have successively issued regulations prohibiting the burning of stalks on the spot. As a result, people began to request more and more farm corn combine harvester shredding devices.

Today, experts will explain the structure, working principle and adjustment methods of the farm corn combine harvester cutter:

The stem chopper of the farm corn combine harvester is mainly composed of a chopping drum, a knife holder, a movable blade, and a fixed blade. The main body of the chopper is then fixed on the cutter shell, and then the shell and the host are connected together. On the shell of the shredder, a material deflector is used to connect with the host.

1. Roller and knife holder of farm corn combine harvester

The shredder drum is processed by qp121X5 seamless steel pipe, and the two ends are welded with shaft heads. The movable knife seat is formed by 5 thick plates and welded on the cutter drum in strict accordance with the spiral configuration to ensure uniform load and small fluctuation when the movable blade is working, thereby reducing the vibration of the machine. The fixed knife holder is composed of a long hole uniformly processed along the length of the chopper on the bottom plate and a fixed knife beam. The fixed blade passes through the long hole and is fixed on the fixed knife beam. The angle of the fixed blade can be obtained according to different crops and needs. Cut different lengths of stems and adjust.

The Structure Function Of The Farm Corn Combine Harvester Cutter

2. The blade of the farm corn combine harvester

The movable blade is applied after the combination of spiral configuration and fixed blade on the chopper drum. Due to the high-speed rotation of the chopper during operation, the friction between the stem and the blade is relatively large. In order to reduce the wear of the blade, full consideration of the blade The material and shape of the product are 50CrVa, the surface treatment hardness is HRC52~56, and the form and position tolerance requirements are increased, and the contact area of the fixed blade is reduced by a part. This can reduce the power consumption of the chopper and overcome the clogging of the chopper due to excessive friction between the chopper blade and the stem.

3. Material deflector of farm corn combine harvester

A material deflector is installed at the inlet of the boom-type shredder and the material outlet of the main machine. The lower part is connected with the shredder shell ammonium chain, and the upper part is fixed on the side wall of the machine with bolts, so that the paper feeder or the paper feeder can be discharged separately. The material enters the chopper smoothly. In order to prevent the stems from forming a blockage on the deflector during the process of entering the chopper, the natural end angle of the stems falling on the iron plate has been designed. In the second experiment, the material deflector after installation can completely catch up to the material's diversion function. When the harvester does not need to crush the stems during work, loosen the fixing bolts of the material deflector and re-fix it on the rear cover of the machine. Under the action of the deflector, the material will fall directly on without passing through the shredder. On the ground. In this way, without disassembling the chopper, the whole crop stems can be kept.

The Structure Function Of The Farm Corn Combine Harvester Cutter

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