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Small Well Drilling Rig: Small Is My Biggest Advantage

Posted :2020/8/11 16:40:10      Tags:Well Drilling Rigwater well drill rigswater drilling rigs

Do you know the characteristics of the electric and gas system of the small well drilling rig? We have specifically consulted relevant experts for this purpose, and summarized these contents for you. I believe it will be of great help to you.

1. The transmission system of the well drilling rig main engine is powered by a thyristor rectifier. On the basis of ensuring that all the technical requirements of the drilling process are achieved, the start, stop and interlock control and fault monitoring functions of each transmission device are highly reliable and easy to master and use on site The display signs of the contactor programmable controller are completed.

2. The main engine transmission and control equipment and drilling process have complete protection and status display, which can clearly display the fault category and location, and have the first fault indication and long-term storage (>1 month). PLC and monitoring computer are completed.

3. The well drilling rig process parameters of the main engine (such as weight-on-bit, drilling speed, etc.) and the main parameters of the main equipment (such as motor voltage, current, etc.) are continuously collected by the monitoring computer, and recorded in minutes or hourly averages as needed. storage.

4. After the main well drilling rig parameters, equipment status, and parameters are processed as required, they can all be transferred to the site management computer for storage, and form the production daily report as required.

5. The construction site is equipped with a management computer whose main functions are: accept and store the main drilling parameters and equipment status and parameter information; automatically generate and store the daily production report of the construction site according to the standardized format; according to the instructions issued by the staff on duty, adopt The method of combining the menu and Chinese character typing to generate the text description of the production daily report and store it; periodically transmit the generated production daily report and the text description to the base management computer through the telephone line; perform single items such as site materials and personnel Business data processing.

6. Equipped with audio modulation and demodulation equipment, the data transmission between the construction site and the base computer can be realized by using the telephone line.

Small Well Drilling Rig: Small Is My Biggest Advantage

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