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Misunderstanding Of Blueberry Planting And Improper Mulching

Blueberry is a kind of delicate crop, which not only requires soil pH value between 4.5-5.5 and organic matter content above 5%, but also has specific requirements for soil temperature and moisture. Many farmers in the process of planting blueberries there are some planting errors, resulting in poor blueberry growth, flowering and fruiting ability is poor. Common ridging film mulching machine using mistakes are as follows.

Ridging film mulching machine Using Misunderstanding 1: ridging height is too high
Blueberry is a fibrous root crop, and its roots are mainly distributed in the soil layer of 10-30cm. Blueberry is sensitive to water, and it is not tolerant to waterlogging and drought. In order to prevent waterlogging, ridging cultivation is generally needed. However, ridging should not be too high, let alone conical ridge. If the ridge is too high, the water holding capacity is poor. When the temperature is high in summer, it is easy to cause water loss and affect the growth of blueberry; the conical ridge restricts the growth range of root system, and is not conducive to the healthy growth of blueberry.

Ridging is about 30 cm
The correct method is: ridging should not be too high, about 30cm, and the width of ridge is about 1m. For the gentle slope, no ponding area, can not ridge cultivation.

Ridging film mulching machine Using Misunderstanding 2: transplanting and planting too deep or too shallow
Let's first understand the concept of the root neck. The root neck refers to the junction between the upper part and the lower part of the fruit tree body. The seedlings bred by seeds have "true root neck", while those bred by cutting, root tillering and tissue culture are "pseudo root neck". Most of the seedlings used in blueberry production are obtained through tissue culture, so they belong to "rhizoid neck". The root neck is the main channel of material exchange between the upper part and the underground part of fruit trees. Like the "neck" of people, it is extremely sensitive to the changes of external environment conditions, and has the worst resistance to various adversity such as freezing and waterlogging. Therefore, it is very important to protect the root neck of fruit trees.

All fruit trees, including blueberries, should not be planted too deep and their root necks should be buried in the soil, which is called "down cellar"; and they should not be planted too shallow, that is, the so-called "open roots". Blueberry belongs to shallow root plant, too deep or too shallow planting will be harmful to the growth.

The blueberry grows weakly if it is planted too deeply
At present, most of blueberry production in China is using nutrition pot seedlings. The best depth after planting is that the surface of soil mass of original nutrition bowl is consistent with that of planting ridge, and the maximum thickness of covering soil is no more than 1 cm of the surface of nutrient bowl soil mass.

Ridging film mulching machine Using Misunderstanding 3: improper mulching
Ridging film mulching machine can increase temperature, keep moisture and prevent weeds. In many blueberry growing areas, especially in the greenhouse, black plastic film is widely used to cover ridge surface. However, during the high temperature period in summer, the surface temperature of soil under plastic film mulching was significantly higher than that without plastic film (the highest temperature would be increased by 6-8 ℃, which was easy to reach 40 ℃). In addition, the film had strong air tightness, and the shallow roots were easy to die, which would seriously affect the growth of blueberry.

Solution: use plastic film carefully, especially black film. Otherwise, it is necessary to remove plastic film at high temperature to reduce ground temperature. It can be covered with garden cloth or non-woven film with good air permeability. The method of covering organic materials on ridge surface can achieve better effect. Straw, pine needles and sawdust can be selected for covering organic materials.

Misunderstanding Of Blueberry Planting And Improper Mulching

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