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Product Introduction Of Ridging Film Mulching Machine

The application of ridging film mulching machine can increase the quality of sugar beet, increase production efficiency, save labor, reduce labor intensity, and promote large-scale planting of sugar beet. There are many factors that affect the operating quality of the ridged mulching machine, such as the quality of seedlings, land conditions, operating level, and adjustment of the transplanter.

1. The planting row spacing is adjustable, the planting plant spacing is adjustable, and the planting depth is adjustable;

2. Working efficiency of ridging film mulching machine: 4000-6000 trees per hour;

3. The ridging film mulching machine is mainly suitable for transplanting various seedlings such as beet, pepper, tomato, eggplant, broccoli, cabbage, peony, small tree seedlings, etc.

Inspection and treatment of super deep planting or buried seedlings

A. Check the depth of the beet transplanter and trencher. If it is too deep, one is to adjust the seedling depth by turning the transplanting rod at the back of the transplanter counterclockwise; the second is to move the drive wheel down or increase the length of the connecting rod on the tractor.

B. Check whether the seedling barrier is tilted backward. If tilting backward, loosen the knob and move the seedling baffle forward appropriately.

Product Introduction Of Ridging Film Mulching Machine

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