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Agriculture UAV Drone Flying In The Field

Posted :2020/7/29 14:21:36      Tags:Agriculture UAV Droneplant protection droneUAV Drone

In a gratifying corn field, a black agriculture uav drone is spraying pesticides back and forth to prevent and control corn diseases and insect pests, while growers leisurely hide in the shade and watch the drone fly around.

The agriculture uav drone will also take off again, sometimes moving forward quickly and sometimes turning slowly. Under the skilled operation of the staff, after several "warm-up exercises", the agricultural drone "calmed down" and started spraying in the air 2m above the ground. Everyone present cocked their necks and looked at the drone. According to on-site technician Jia Jianchun, the plant protection drone, as its name suggests, is an unmanned aerial vehicle used for agriculture, forestry and plant protection operations. The UAV model consists of three parts: flight platform (fixed-wing, single-rotor, multi-rotor), GPS flight control, spraying mechanism, and spray operation is realized through ground remote control or GPS flight control. Compared with traditional manual spraying, the spraying of plant protection drones has high efficiency, water-saving and medicine-saving, uniform spraying, and labor-saving. This is the advantage of plant protection drones.

According to him, in order to effectively improve the level of agricultural modernization in the district, the District Agricultural Machinery Bureau selected Putian You agriculture uav drone Cooperative as the pilot unit for the agricultural plant protection drone project. And invested 130,000 yuan in agricultural plant protection drones. Subsequently, the drone company sent two technicians to the factory to learn and operate technology. This year, "Agricultural Plant Protection Unmanned Aerial Vehicle" was officially put into plant disease and insect pest management. Compared with the experiment, the production cost is significantly reduced: the operating cost of the tractor with the sprayer is 450 yuan/hm2, and the operating cost of the drone is only 300 yuan/hm2, which avoids damage to farmland and crops and greatly improves operating efficiency.

At this time, the people around the growers also gathered. It is understood that the current agriculture uav drone machinery equipment is getting "higher", and the UAV can complete 1.3hm2 workload in more than 10 minutes. When they were replaced by workers, the four of them couldn't finish their work even if they were busy for an hour. In the past, it was difficult to control corn pests and diseases, but now there are drones and drones, and there is no concern about corn pests. The joy of the growers is beyond words, the expressions on their faces are full of trust in agricultural high-tech.

Agriculture UAV Drone Flying In The Field

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