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Different Well Drilling Rig Methods Are Used In Different Layers

Posted :2020/7/27 16:39:46      Tags:Well Drilling Rigwater well drill rigswater drilling rigs

Due to the different geological structures in different places, different geological structures are often encountered in the process of well drilling rig. In order to achieve good drilling effect, it is necessary to understand the well drilling rig methods of different geological layers.

For example, when encountering stone layer and quicksand layer, our technicians put forward their own solutions

When drilling into gypsum layer, the well drilling rig fluid should be pretreated first. Calcium ions can be removed by adding anti gypsum treatment agents such as soda ash, calcium removal and viscosity reducer. At the same time, viscosity reducer with strong calcium resistance can be used to control the sticking and cutting, and the filtration reducer and anti sloughing agent can be supplemented to maintain the stability of drilling fluid performance and improve the anti gypsum pollution ability of drilling fluid in the drilling machine.

When encountering quicksand formation, the viscosity of well drilling rig fluid must be increased and the bentonite content in drilling fluid should be higher than 10%. Single seal should be added to enhance the wall building property of drilling fluid. In engineering, the flow rate should be appropriately reduced to reduce the erosion of convective sand bed. Before tripping out, the well section must be sealed with thick mud with viscosity greater than 80s to ensure the smooth running of well drilling rig equipment, electrical logging and casing running.

Experienced drilling personnel all understand the importance of preparation work. Before drilling, they need to consult and understand the geological structure related information of the drilling location, deploy the construction scheme and possible solutions in advance, and prepare the corresponding tools and accessories, so as to ensure the smooth progress of the drilling process.

Different Well Drilling Rig Methods Are Used In Different Layers

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