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The Reason Why Farm Corn Combine Harvester Is So Popular Has Been Found

Posted :2020/7/22 16:25:52      Tags:Farm Corn Combine Harvester harvesterharvester machine

In recent years, the farm corn combine harvester with excellent product performance has won the unanimous recognition of users, and the market share is also increasing. So what about the agricultural corn harvester? Why is it favored by more and more users?

Must choose the right brand

He had been in the truck transportation industry before he was engaged in agricultural machinery. As the industry is becoming more and more depressed, coupled with the greater risk, he decided to change his career. Started to enter the agricultural machinery industry in 2012, and purchased an farm corn combine harvester. So, as a newcomer to the agricultural machinery industry, why did Ma Maoxiang choose the agricultural corn harvester of China coal? Ma Maoxiang, who is not good at talking, opened the switch. "Although I have not been in contact with agricultural machinery before, I have heard about this brand many years ago. Several friends in our town have bought agricultural corn harvesters. During the harvest season, we can see the agricultural corn harvesters coming and going back and forth in the fields. The harvesting speed is very fast!

From then on, Ma Maoxiang and the foreign horse harvester made an indissoluble bond. From Ma Maoxiang's point of view, after inquiry, the harvester had a very good reputation in Jiangsu at that time. Although it was more expensive than the similar products of other brands, it was still worth buying. "Our cross regional operation conditions will be relatively poor, some fields are pitted, some fields are relatively wet, etc., farm corn combine harvester can easily deal with, not only less failure, high attendance rate; this machine has been with me for more than five years, brought me a lot of profits, my purse has become more and more bulging, so I am choosing the right brand!" Ma Maoxiang said with a smile.

In order to improve the operation efficiency and obtain better income, the killer of wet rotten fields. From south to North: Hubei, Anhui, Shanghai and other regions, the size, soil structure and crop varieties of these areas are different, so the operation environment is very complex, which requires the harvester to be efficient and adaptable. At present, this farm corn combine harvester has been working for 500 hours, basically zero failure; after using, I feel that this harvester retains the advantages of the original model, and has stronger power, stronger applicability and higher operation efficiency; it also has a 1670 liter large grain tank and a 115 liter large oil tank, which reduces the frequency of grain loading and refueling, and the grain loading time can be reduced by 1 / 3 in a day The effective operation time has been greatly increased.

Heavy rain in many areas, resulting in a large number of corn fell in the field, and the field is very wet, in such bad conditions, farm corn combine harvester can easily deal with through, anti lodging effect is very good. The chassis of this harvester can be raised and lowered. In case of rotten fields or very wet fields, the height of the chassis can be adjusted up to 45cm. In the case of uneven fields, the collective balance system UFO can be used to achieve unilateral crawler lifting, so as to ensure the balance in the wet, rotten and rugged fields, and the harvesting operation can still be carried out normally, which is not only effective The rate is high, the harvest is quick, and there is no grain leakage.

In addition, the farm corn combine harvester has another feature, that is, it feels comfortable to operate, because its handle feels very "light" and has a car like driving experience. After a day's work, it is not tiring In addition to the above advantages, the most important thing is that the agricultural corn harvester is also very durable. For example, in the three summers, it only takes dozens of days to work. In addition to working in the daytime, sometimes the machine has to work overtime at night, working for more than 10 hours a day. The harvester can't stand the continuous rush harvest without its skin and solid. However, agricultural corn harvesters never lose their chains. Of course, even the best machine will break down after a long time. An important feature of agricultural machinery is that the use time is very concentrated, so the test of machine reliability is very strong. Once users delay half a day and hours, the loss is very large, so for agricultural machinery, light product is not good enough. After sales service should also be timely. For the harvester, the most important thing is that important accessories and wearing parts can be easily purchased.

In the future, in the purchase of harvester equipment, we will definitely continue to choose China coal. First, we have a deep understanding of the equipment; second, the after-sales service of China coal is timely and the accessories are easy to buy; third, the second-hand equipment of China coal, with a high residual value rate, is also very good for sale in this region. " I believe that in the future, more and more people will walk on the road of creating wealth under the leadership of China coal, and create more wealth with diligence and wisdom.

The Reason Why Farm Corn Combine Harvester Is So Popular Has Been Found

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