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Fully Explain How To Correctly Operate The Small Farm Corn Combine Harvester

Posted :2020/7/21 16:20:46      Tags:Farm Corn Combine Harvester corn harvesterharvester machine

Small farm corn combine harvester is deeply loved by farmers. It is a multi-purpose, light and flexible machine, which frees people from heavy labor; it has high work efficiency and avoids people's exposure to the sun for a long time.

The following describes the precautions when using the harvester to protect your farm corn combine harvester.

1、The small corn harvester should enter the ground at low forward speed, but before harvesting, the engine must reach the normal operating speed to make the thresher run at full speed. Before the self-propelled small corn harvester enters into the ground, the working gear should be selected and the stepless speed change should be reduced to the minimum speed. When the forward speed needs to be increased, the stepless speed change should be adopted as far as possible to avoid changing the gear. When receiving the headland, the header should be raised slowly to reduce the forward speed and turn, but the throttle should not be reduced to avoid blocking the threshing drum.

2、 Adjustment of small farm corn combine harvester. Self propelled corn harvester should adjust threshing clearance and reel according to corn yield, dry and wet degree, natural height and lodging situation.

The front and rear position and height of the harvester should be adjusted accordingly, while the adjustment of the backpack harvester should be carried out before entering the ground.

3、 Select high throttle operation. Small corn harvester operation should be based on the principle of giving full play to its maximum efficiency. It is not allowed to reduce the forward speed by reducing the oil, because this will reduce the drum speed, reduce the operation quality and even block the drum.

4、 Selection of farm corn combine harvester working gear. In the harvesting process of small corn harvester, reasonable working gear should be selected according to wheat yield, natural height, dry and wet degree and other factors.

5、 Selection of operation width. In general, the combine should operate in full range, but when the corn yield is too high or the humidity is too high, the cutting width should be reduced when the operation is still overloaded at the lowest gear. Generally, the cutting range can meet the requirements when the cutting width is reduced to 80%.

Fully Explain How To Correctly Operate The Small Farm Corn Combine Harvester

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