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Agriculture UAV Drone Reduces High Toxic Environment

Posted :2020/7/17 15:00:14      Tags:Agriculture UAV Droneplant protection droneUAV Drone

In order to control pesticide residues, the agriculture uav drone application technology of high efficiency and reduction will be popularized in cultivated land.

Among them, the key demonstration and extension of grain crop arable land is the promotion of self propelled dryland dual-purpose spray rod agriculture uav drone or high efficiency filter fan plant protection drone equipment.

In orchard cultivated land, the main purpose is to popularize orchard wind driven sprayer or high efficiency filtrate fan agriculture uav drone and unmanned aerial vehicle orchards special plant protection UAV.

In view of the main diseases and insect pests occurred in the production, high efficiency, low toxicity and environment-friendly pesticides, especially biological pesticides, were selected, and electronic insecticidal lamps were demonstrated and popularized.

Agriculture UAV Drone Reduces High Toxic Environment

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