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  • Shandong Weixin Party Committee Be Jining High-tech Zone TV Station Key Report

Shandong Weixin Party Committee Be Jining High-tech Zone TV Station Key Report

Posted :2020/7/17 10:48:00      Tags:TV Station Key Report

On July 11, 2020, Jining High-tech Zone TV station Lihe Pioneer column made a key report on the Shandong Weixin Party Committee. The report pointed out that in recent years, the party committee of Shandong Weixin has given full play to the political core role of the party organization, focused on party building around production, promoted development with party building, and made party members brighter through star rating, identity recognition, and gang belt activities. Take responsibility, give full play to the vanguard role of party members and cadres in their respective positions, enhance the company's cohesion and combat effectiveness, and promote the steady and healthy development of Shandong Weixin's various production and operation work!

The Shandong Weixin Party Committee was established in 2017. It currently has 118 party members, including 5 general party branches and 16 party branches. Since the establishment of the Party Committee of the Group, under the correct leadership of the Party Committee at the higher level, it has fully exerted the political core role of the Party Committee of the Group and the vanguard exemplary role of the Party members, regularly carried out the "two studies and one do" learning education, and implemented the "three sessions and one lesson" system. Give party lectures and reports for outstanding employees, business backbones, activists and party members of various companies, organize and study party constitutions, learn legal knowledge and the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. Activities such as "Suggest a policy" and "Do not forget the original heart and remember the mission" have played a positive role in learning, work and life, and promoted the rapid and good development of the enterprise. During major festivals, the party committee of the group guides trade unions, youth league committees, women's federations and groups to actively carry out activities such as literary and artistic festivals, knowledge competitions, and sports competitions. The development of these activities further exerts the advantages and functions of group organizations and stimulates the cadres and the masses Enthusiasm and enthusiasm, cohesion, unity and forging ahead have effectively promoted the development of the group.

Shandong Weixin Party Committee Be Jining High-tech Zone TV Station Key Report

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