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Talking About The Development Trend Of Submersible Water Well Drilling Rig

Posted :2020/7/15 14:18:54      Tags:Well Drilling Rigwater well drill rigswater drilling rigs

The structure of the submersible water well drilling rig mainly includes impactor, rotary air supply mechanism, propulsion mechanism and powder discharging device.

The DTH well drilling rig should be familiar to us, whether we are friends or engineers. Its working principle is to use an impactor, a rotary air supply mechanism, and then through the rotary drive of the drilling rig and drill rod to form the pulsating and crushing ability of the rock. The compressed air discharged from the impactor is used to cool the drill bit and discharge the broken rock particles to the outside.

In China, DTH well drilling rig were first produced by the Xuanhua region in Hebei and in the 1950s. In the face of economic development, urban construction, and rapid development of infrastructure construction, China's demand for such drilling rigs is also increasing. In the domestic market, in the face of the super-expensive prices of foreign DTH rigs, bolt rigs, anchor rigs, etc., countries and companies have begun to pay attention to the research and development of DTH technology. Through the support of national funds and policies, Chinese companies and scientific researchers With continuous efforts, today's down-the-hole drill rigs have undergone unprecedented changes. Down-the-hole drill rigs are slowly becoming more automated, energy-saving, and user-friendly. Since the reform and opening up, many foreign companies have also invested in rig factories in China, and they have the opportunity to attract investment. So that China's DTH rig has been greatly developed.

Domestic DTH well drilling rig are developing rapidly today, but the quality and prices of producers are also uneven. This will take a longer time to survive the fittest. The future market for DTH drilling rigs is huge, but the challenges are also the same. It is inestimable. Only by constantly updating products, improving product quality, doing after-sales service, and creating the stage of DTH in the future with the most authentic DTH drill and the most sincere service.

Talking About The Development Trend Of Submersible Water Well Drilling Rig

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