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The Application Of Ridging Film Mulching Machine Is Wide

Cultivation of plastic film for crop production has become an important measure for increasing agricultural production in the world. Due to the complex terrain of Yunnan and arid regions, ridging film mulching machine is an effective means to increase crop yields and water use, and to improve labor efficiency when competing for agriculture.

At present, most of the Yunnan plots are mountainous and semi-mountainous areas, and most of the agricultural production uses artificial mulching, which has high labor and labor intensity. In response to this problem, this design is a small ditching ridging film mulching machine that completes ridge, film covering, film pressing, and soil covering at one time.

Ridging film mulching machine can reduce the labor intensity and improve the quality of the coating, save labor time and improve the efficiency of the coating. The machine has simple structure, convenient installation, flexible operation, adjustable trench depth and film width, which can adapt to different film widths and topography to meet production needs.

The Application Of Ridging Film Mulching Machine Is Wide

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