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How To Maintain Water Well Drilling Rig

Posted :2020/7/11 15:13:32      Tags:Well Drilling Rigwater well drill rigswater drilling rig

Water well drilling rig are widely used in drilling equipment for foundations such as water conservancy construction and farmland engineering. No matter what kind of well drilling rig, you need to pay attention to it in order to improve production efficiency and extend service life. How to do maintenance and maintenance work for water well drilling rigs.

Pay attention to check the water and gas pipelines at all times, whether the bolts and nuts of the accessories of the drilling rig are firm;

Pay attention to check the lubricant condition of the wind motor at any time;

When the working surface is immersed in water, a large diameter drill bit is used to open the hole, and the drill rod is inserted to expose the drill rod to 1-2 meters from the water surface to prevent mud and rock slag from falling into the hole. 4. The drilling rig does not Yun Wu reversed to prevent the drill pipe from falling into the hole;

When the well drilling rig stops working in a short period of time, a small amount of gas should be given to prevent sediment from invading the inside of the drill rig. If the rig operation is stopped for a long time, the hammer should be lifted 1-2 meters from the bottom of the hole to fix it;

When the well drilling rig is working, pay attention to the sound of the impactor and the operation of the reduction gearbox. If abnormal sounds and phenomena are found, the machine should be stopped immediately and checked in time;

When adding new drill pipe, pay attention to keep the inside of the drill hole clean to prevent mud and sand from entering the drill impactor and damaging the drill parts;

At the end of each work shift of the well drilling rig, the dirt on the surface of the engineering rig must be cleaned up in time. Except for normal handling, it is strictly prohibited to disassemble and unload on the working surface;

Water well drilling rig pipe joints and reducers are lubricated with butter.

How To Maintain Water Well Drilling Rig

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