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Mechanical Farm Corn Combine Harvester Corn Yields Over 1100 Kg Per Mu

Posted :2020/7/10 11:43:27      Tags:Farm Corn Combine Harvester harvesterharvester machine

Different from the direct threshing of wheat and rice by harvester, the current farm corn combine harvester is mainly machine-made corn cob, and then it can be dried into the granary after manual or mechanical threshing, which not only consumes manpower, but also increases the production cost of corn. Therefore, mechanical granulation has been the research direction of industry practitioners. Recently, the "13th five year plan" and "scientific and technological innovation of high yield and efficiency" key special joint research and demonstration meeting led by the Crop Science Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences was held in Tongliao City, Inner Mongolia, which focused on the achievements of corn mechanical farm corn combine harvester.

Farm corn combine harvester seeds such as gold beads, the sound of the farm corn combine harvester machine ring through the field road. In an experimental corn field, a combine harvester drove by, and soon the golden corn kernels poured out of the bin. According to the relevant requirements of "technical specification for corn mechanical harvest and yield measurement", the experts measured the mechanical yield of the technical demonstration field: the average grain moisture content of 20 mu demonstration field was 20.1%, and the yield of fresh grain per mu was 1195.8 kg. According to the standard moisture content of corn, the average yield per mu reached 1110.95 kg.

At the exchange meeting on the same day, researcher Li Shaokun, chief expert of crop cultivation physiology innovation team, pointed out that reasonable close planting and mechanical grain harvest are the direction of high yield and efficiency of maize. In terms of the factors affecting the direct harvest of corn, the higher water content of grain is the main reason for the breakage of corn grain. The higher the moisture content, the greater the breakage rate. The selection of varieties will also affect the rate of corn kernel breakage when the seeds are directly harvested. There are obvious differences between different varieties with similar water content. When the grain moisture content was 17% - 23%, the harvest fragmentation rate was the lowest, and the yield loss was the smallest when the grain moisture content was 24% - 28%. Which model can reduce the crushing rate more? "By comparing the harvest quality of different types of harvesters, it was found that the grain breakage rate and impurity rate of longitudinal axial flow machine were 9.38% and 4.02% lower than those of horizontal axial flow machine, respectively. The longitudinal axial flow harvester is the development direction of reducing the crushing rate and impurity rate of corn during harvesting." Li Shaokun concluded.

Wang Keru, a researcher from the Institute of crop science, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, introduced the theory and technology path of maize yield improvement. "The maize yield can be raised from the level of farmers to the level of high-yield, which can be achieved by changing density tolerant varieties and increasing planting density, which has been verified in 10000 mu demonstration fields this year. On the basis of high yield, by improving the quality of soil preparation and sowing, optimizing irrigation and fertilization methods, the population uniformity can be improved, and the yield can be further improved. In order to achieve super high yield, it is necessary to change varieties and further increase planting density to improve population uniformity He said.

It is reported that Tongliao City is located in the corn gold production belt, known as "Inner Mongolia granary". The Research Institute of Academy of Agricultural Sciences took the lead to establish a core area of 200 mu and a demonstration area of 28000 mu in Horqin district of Tongliao, and set up a joint research and demonstration base. Aiming farm corn combine harvester at the key constraints of the development of Tongliao corn industry, the research teams of five special projects of Liangfeng were organized to carry out the research tasks and demonstration of basic frontier, common key and integrated demonstration in the whole chain of corn production extension.

Finally, Liu Chunming, director of the Institute of Agricultural Sciences of China, introduced the integration of internal R & D resources of the Institute, actively and orderly promote the support work of project implementation, and supported the research farm corn combine harvester team in tackling key problems in the main battlefield of agricultural production and facing the needs of national modern agricultural development. According to the special management requirements, Zhang Zhao, director of science and technology development center of the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas, affirmed the active exploration of Tongliao base to implement the principle of "whole chain design and integrated implementation" from the perspective of regional corn industry production. He hoped that the project implementation team would consolidate the existing achievements, and strive to improve China's crop science and technology innovation ability and level, so as to ensure national food security and agricultural sustainability Development provides scientific and technological support.

Mechanical Farm Corn Combine Harvester Corn Yields Over 1100 Kg Per Mu

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