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Understanding The Structure Of The Well Drilling Machine

Posted :2020/7/7 16:54:14      Tags:Well Drilling Rigwater well drill rigswater drilling rigs

There are many types of well drilling rig systems. Let's first take a brief look at the drilling rig's rotating system and the well drilling circulation system.

1. Equipment and tools for rotary system of well drilling rig

The main function is to rotate the well drilling rig tool in the well and drive the drill bit to break the rock. The utility model is mainly composed of a drilling rig turntable, a water tap, a top-driving drilling rig drilling device, a drilling rig string and a drill bit. In addition, the drill string and drill bit of the drilling rig also play the role of circulating high-pressure drilling fluid. The turntable and top drive equipment of the drilling rig are the core of the rotating system and the core of the three working units of the drilling rig.

2. Equipment and tools for the well drilling rig system circulation system

The main function is to force the circulation of the well drilling rig fluid of the drilling rig, clean the bottom of the well, carry the cuttings, protect the wall of the well, and provide high-pressure power fluid to the screw drilling tool and turbo drilling tool. It is mainly composed of the well drilling pump, the surface manifold hydraulic manifold, the drilling fluid solid control equipment and the deployment device, etc. The well drilling pump is the core of the circulation system and is the One of the three major working machines.

Understanding The Structure Of The Well Drilling Machine

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