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The Special Move Behind The Summer Harvest In A Special Year

Posted :2020/7/2 16:19:13      Tags:Farm Corn Combine Harvester harvesterharvester machine

The wheat fields are golden and fragrant, and my country is ushering in the first grain harvest season this year. As of the 16th, the national summer grain harvest has exceeded 90%. This is the 17th consecutive summer harvest season in my country. Behind what people are accustomed to are special measures for special years.

According to the agricultural survey of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, there are 400 million mu of summer grain in the country this year, which is basically stable compared with normal years. Among the three factors that determine the yield of wheat, the number of ears per mu has increased more, the number of grains per ear is basically the same, and the weight per thousand grains is close to the best level last year. This is the real harvest.

A grain of fresh wheat shows the effect of structural reforms on the agricultural supply side. Han Changfu said that this year the wheat yield, quality and proportion of special wheat have increased. It is estimated that the average yield per mu can be increased by 4 kg, the wheat grains are full, the first and second-class wheat have increased significantly, and the proportion of strong gluten and weak gluten wheat has increased by 2.8 percentage points from the previous year to 35.8%.

The bumper grain harvest and stubbornness are not only related to the daily dietary life of 1.4 billion people, but also highlight the important role of the “ballast stone” of social stability during the extraordinary period of responding to various emergencies. This is the confidence of a big country to deal with all risks and challenges.

Since the beginning of this year, wheat production has experienced local droughts, warm winters, long springs, cold springs, diseases and insect pests, and has also been hit by the epidemic. Not long ago, some countries restricted grain exports and caused some people's concerns and concerns about my country's food security.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs launched a 100-day campaign to capture the summer grain harvest. In response to the recurrence of wheat stripe rust and scab, agricultural and rural departments at all levels have formulated prevention and control plans as early as possible, strengthened monitoring and early warning, and carried out unified prevention and control and emergency prevention in a timely manner. All levels of finance have cumulatively allocated more than 1.6 billion yuan for wheat pest control.

Recalling that the epidemic is the most stressful, it is also the key time for field management in spring. Many agricultural supplies shops closed for business due to the epidemic. In many regions, the "not-to-face" service is implemented, and news is sent online to guide farmers to place orders and deliver goods uniformly, which guarantees a "continuous chain" of spring farming resources.

Farmers in many places report that it is difficult to transport agricultural resources during the epidemic, and green channels are set up in the county; it is difficult to control pests and diseases, and agricultural technicians use WeChat to "point-to-point" guidance; farmers are difficult to get out of the field. , Decentralized work... Harvest is the result of joint efforts!

The bumper harvest is also the result of long-term accumulation. A few days ago, there was good news in the results of a high-yield demonstration field in Xiuwu County, Jiaozuo City, Henan Province-the average yield per mu of the new high-quality strong gluten wheat variety "Zhongmai 578" selected by the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences for 20 years It reached 841.5 kg, setting a high-yield record for strong gluten wheat in the Huanghuai wheat area.

As the wheat harvest comes to an end, all regions are stepping up to plant autumn grain. At Wangxue Farm in Huzhang Township, Xia County, Yuncheng City, the harvester is still busy in the endless wheat field, and the seeder has already shuttled through it.

Stabilizing grain production, autumn grain is the big one. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs requires all localities to go all out to organize agricultural machinery to rush to sow and sow seeds, expand the suitable sowing area and improve the quality of sowing, especially the implementation of the double-season late rice area. At the same time, based on disaster prevention and harvesting, we should focus on preventing disasters such as summer drought and early frost in the northeast, floods and typhoons in the south, grasping the prevention and control of major pests such as Spodoptera frugiperda and the "two shifts" of rice pests, and tracking the occurrence of desert locusts. Prepare for prevention.

Facing the future, a series of measures have been issued one after another-to stabilize the grain planting area and output, increase the multiple cropping index, increase the grain production county awards, vigorously promote excellent varieties, compact the "rice bag" governor responsibility system...

From spring to summer and from south to north, the clock kept moving and the farmers kept walking. On the vast ground, the fields of hope are full of vitality.

The Special Move Behind The Summer Harvest In A Special Year

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