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Ridging Film Mulching Machine Saves Time And Labor

Sangzhe Town, Pengshui County is a big town for flue-cured tobacco production. The cultivation technology of flue-cured tobacco mulching has been widely promoted. In the past, mulching was manually operated. In this year, a few farmers in this town started to use ridging film mulching machine. It saves time and effort, and the quality of the cover film is good, and it has really become a good helper for tobacco farmers.

Xia Zhongping, who is in his 50s in the second group of Jianshan Village in Sangzhe Town, is a large local flue-cured tobacco grower. He planted 80 mu of flue-cured tobacco this year. He told reporters that this was the ridging film mulching machine he bought from the Internet this year. With him, the two people used less than 10 days to cover all the 80 mu of tobacco land with mulching. In the past, at least Seven or eight people took 10 days to complete. "Originally, two people can only make two acres of land a day. Now two people of this ridging film mulching machine can make at least seven or eight acres a day. If the soil is better, it can be 11 acres."

Lao Xia said that in their local area, the labor cost for one labor day is 120 yuan. If all the 80 mu of flue-cured tobacco in his family is covered with artificial film, the labor cost for covering with plastic film will have to pay nearly 10,000 yuan, and use a ridging film mulching machine. Later, he only spent more than 2,000 yuan in labor costs, plus 2,000 yuan spent on purchasing machines, he saved 5,000 yuan a year. "The width, height and height of this ridging film mulching machine can be adjusted. If it is not in place, you can adjust it yourself and adjust it to the position." Laoxia told reporters that the mulching machine is not only easy to operate, saves time and effort, but also widely used. "As long as it is a farm job that needs to be covered with plastic film, this ridging film mulching machine can be used."

Lao Xia also likes to play with smartphones in his free time. He uses WeChat, Taobao and Douyin. He will use this platform. This ridging film mulching machine was discovered during his playing with Douyin. "I saw it on Douyin. I think this machine is more practical in our flat place. I contacted the manufacturer and I sent it to me in the past."

Lao Xia is also a person who loves to learn. After watching the assembly and operation process twice on his mobile phone, he completely mastered the operation skills of the mulching machine. "After the machine is sent to me, I will see it at a glance." Lao Xia said that at present, only a few farmers in Sangzhe Town are using the film mulching machine. "A lot of villagers come to see me a machine, they will also use this good guy next year."

Ridging Film Mulching Machine Saves Time And Labor

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