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Holding A Demonstration Meeting Of Farm Corn Combine Harvester

In order to promote the advanced and applicable farm corn combine harvester and improve the comprehensive operation level of agricultural mechanization, Hebei Pingquan Agricultural and Rural Bureau organized a field demonstration meeting of corn combined harvesting in Lamagou Village, Pingbei Town. More than 80 people participated in the demonstration.

The city's implementation of the subsidy policies for agricultural machinery of Huinong and farm corn combine harvester has greatly mobilized farmers 'enthusiasm for farming, and agricultural mechanization has reduced farmers' labor intensity and improved efficiency.

At the demonstration site of the farm corn combine harvester, the combine harvester completed the operation process of ear picking, peeling, straw crushing, silage and so on. The flexible and efficient operation demonstration was praised by the visitors. Many farmer operators and the masses closely follow the operation machinery to observe the operation effect and compare the grain loss rate and straw crushing rate.

The successful holding of the corn harvester machinery harvesting on-site demonstration has provided a platform for farmers to intuitively feel the new machinery and technology of corn machinery harvesting, and has stimulated the enthusiasm of agricultural machinery cooperatives, large agricultural machinery households to purchase and use new corn harvesters Promote the improvement of the mechanization level of corn harvesting in our city.

Holding A Demonstration Meeting Of Farm Corn Combine Harvester

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