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  • Shandong Weixin Sent A Batch Of Ridging Film Mulching Machine To Anhui Province

Shandong Weixin Sent A Batch Of Ridging Film Mulching Machine To Anhui Province

On March 12, there was a busy scene in the intelligent production and manufacturing workshop of China Coal Group. A batch of ridging film mulching machine are being loaded on trucks and will be sent to Huaibei City, Anhui Province. Over the years, the group has sold more than 10000 kinds of products to 34 provinces, cities and autonomous regions with high-quality products and considerate services, and exported them to 158 countries and regions in the world. Established a good reputation in the industry.

This delivery of ridging film mulching machine is our group's hot selling equipment. On the basis of ridging film mulching machine, the product has been innovated. This frame is made entirely of metal. It can not only bear the traction, automatic force, collision force and impact force, but also can be used normally even in the bad environment, uneven road and severe dust, which greatly extends the service life of the ridge laminating machine. It has many advantages such as simple structure, firm, small resistance coefficient, large bearing capacity and convenient maintenance. The product has successfully passed the national product safety certification. In addition, the group can also customize various service robots according to customer needs. Welcome new and old customers at home and abroad to visit and order.

In 2020, the group will uphold the corporate spirit of being responsible for the country, society, customers and employees, increase investment in scientific and technological innovation, accelerate the independent research and development capacity of ridging film mulching machine in the field of ridging and laminating machines, and transform new technological achievements into production. More machinery and equipment in line with national safety standards, with safer and higher quality products to return to the market and society!

Shandong Weixin Sent A Batch Of Ridging Film Mulching Machine To Anhui Province

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