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Shandong Weixin Sent A Batch Of Minig Heavy Flat Cars To Luliang, Shanxi

Posted :2021/9/30 16:37:08      Tags:Metal Roof Beam

On September 24, a batch of metal roof beams are loaded on a vehicle in the intelligent equipment manufacturing workshop of Shandong Weixin, and then sent to a mine in Lanzhou, Gansu. At present, DFB (1400-4400 standard specifications)/300, DJB600/470, DJB800/420, DJB (1000, 1200)/300 metal roof beams independently developed and produced by Shandong Weixin Manufacturing Corporation, including 4 articulated specifications Models, 16 non-articulated models, have all passed the certification of the National Mining Product Safety Marking Center of the Safety Standard, and have obtained the National Mining Product Safety Mark Certificate.

Shandong Weixin Sent A Batch Of Minig Heavy Flat Cars To Luliang, Shanxi

The metal roof beam delivered this time is a hot-selling product of our group. It is mainly used in coal mining face, under the roof above the single hydraulic prop, and the support beam that transmits the roof pressure. It is the support beam of coal mining face. Top beam for roof guard. The metal roof beam products produced by our group are of reliable quality, sturdy and durable. The products have received unanimous praise in the industry since they were put on the market. Customers from many places have successively added orders for many times, and the market sales are very good.

Shandong Weixin Sent A Batch Of Minig Heavy Flat Cars To Luliang, Shanxi

As a national contract-honoring and trustworthy enterprise, a national designated production unit for special equipment and accessories for coal mines, one of China's top 10 operating equipment enterprises, an outstanding enterprise in China's machinery industry, a demonstration enterprise of double innovation platform for manufacturing industry of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, a gazelle enterprise in Shandong Province, an enterprise in Shandong Province Technology Center, Shandong Province Industrial Outstanding Contribution Award Enterprise, Shandong Province Industrialization Integration Innovation Demonstration Enterprise, Shandong Province "One Enterprise One Technology" Innovation Enterprise, Shandong Weixin actively responds to the national safety production requirements, strictly controls product quality, and strives to improve Product quality and safety level, and actively carry out mining product safety certification. Up to now, our group has obtained mining single hydraulic props, scraper conveyors, dump trucks, fixed vans, flatbed trucks, material trucks, and winches A total of more than 200 models of mining product safety mark certificates, and more than 140 national patents for many series of products, have strong comprehensive strength in the safety research and development and manufacturing of mining products.

Shandong Weixin Sent A Batch Of Minig Heavy Flat Cars To Luliang, Shanxi

As a cross-industry and diversified technology and manufacturing enterprise, Shandong Weixin will continue to carry forward the spirit of scientific and technological innovation, accelerate the research and development of new products, new processes, and new technologies, improve the development level of high-end intelligent equipment, and provide better products and Service to give back to new and old customers at home and abroad!

Shandong Weixin Sent A Batch Of Minig Heavy Flat Cars To Luliang, Shanxi

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