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With A Farm Corn Combine Harvester, Farmers Can Harvest Corn So Easily

Posted :2020/7/24 16:17:04      Tags:Farm Corn Combine Harvester corn harvesterharvester machine

In August and September, all parts of the country are about to enter the peak of corn harvest, and Zhu Shengfei, a large village planter, has a smile on his face. He is not worried at all. It turns out that his 20 acres of corn has been included in the province’s corn production mechanization this year. In the demonstration base, there is only one farm corn combine harvester, and all the problems are solved. With the farm corn combine harvester, farmers can harvest corn really easily.

He told reporters that his family’s 20 acres of corn was listed in the province’s corn production mechanized 1,000-acre demonstration base this year. As long as a machine is used, the corn stalks are cut, the corn is peeled, and the stalks are returned to the field in half a day. In the past, hiring 5 people could only cut down the corn stalks in 4 days. If it catches up with the rainy day, it will not be harvested after half a month. Many corn will rot in the ground, which will affect the cultivation of wheat below. "Calculating, the cost of farm corn combine harvester charges is half that of labor!"

According to the person in charge of the Jingjun Agricultural Machinery Service Cooperative established in the village, the performance of small corn harvesters has been relatively stable in the past two years, and there are government subsidies. Last year the cooperative tried to buy 2 units farm corn combine harvester, and farmers appeared to compete for corn harvesters. So I bought two more this year. In the case of bad weather and unsatisfactory work load, this year's single-machine gross income is also close to 40,000 yuan. Next year, we will expand the scale to engage in cross-regional operations, and it is estimated that the single machine revenue will exceed 50,000 yuan.

According to Xu Shunian, director of the Provincial Agricultural Machinery Bureau, following the mechanization of rice and wheat production, our province will focus on the mechanization of corn production. Last year, the pilot program of subsidies for the purchase of farm corn combine harvester was first carried out in Xuzhou and Lianyungang. This year, the scope of subsidies was extended to all corn producing areas in the province. The number of corn combine harvesters soared from 69 at the end of 2006 to 502. This year alone, the province has added 268 small corn harvesters, 590 planters, and 361 straw crushing machines. Demonstration operations have been carried out in various parts of northern Jiangsu, breaking the situation that corn harvesting depends entirely on manual operations.

The corn planting area in our province is about 6 million mu, of which 4 million mu is pure crop area suitable for mechanized production. In many places, large-scale mechanized harvesting of corn has become the most important part of this year’s autumn harvest. Great highlight. At present, the province’s corn harvest E is coming to an end. According to incomplete statistics, this year’s machine harvest area has reached about 300,000 mu, which is nearly one-fold more than last year. Feng County is the county with the largest corn planting area in our province. At present, the county’s 450,000 mu of corn, the levels of machine sowing, machine harvesting and mechanized straw returning have reached 80%, 30% and 90%, ranking first in the province.

Fan Boren, director of the Science and Technology Quality Department of the Provincial Agricultural Machinery Bureau, said that 75% of the corn planting area in our province is concentrated in the five cities in northern Jiangsu. The development of corn production mechanization can not only achieve cost-saving and increased efficiency in corn production, but also promote labor transfer and increase farmers' income. It is of great significance to the development of underdeveloped areas in northern Jiangsu. Next year, our province will further increase subsidies for the purchase of small corn harvesters, and strive to achieve 10% and 15% mechanization of corn seeding and harvesting in the province.

With A Farm Corn Combine Harvester, Farmers Can Harvest Corn So Easily

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