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How To Choose The Economic And Applicable Farm Corn Combine Harvester

There are dozens of farm corn combine harvester in China. How can users choose the economical and applicable corn combine harvester?

The first principle to be considered is regional applicability.

We know that most of the current farm corn combine harvester in China are required to harvest in opposite rows, but the row spacing of corn planting in different regions of China is also very different, and the regional adaptability of the existing corn harvesters is limited. Therefore, the non line corn harvester is the user's preferred model.

The non line corn harvester can adapt to different row spacing, does not need to open auxiliary cutting manually, and can enter the operation from any position in the field, with high operation efficiency, which is very suitable for the machine hand to carry out cross area machine harvest.

At present, the main types of non line corn harvester in China are 4YW-Q full width corn combine harvester of Shandong Weixin, which is the first non line corn harvester to be put on the market in China, the first full width farm corn combine harvester that has passed the scientific research and product identification, and Tianjin agricultural famous brand. In addition, there are also Beijing's Jinle, Hebei's nongha and other models that are not suitable for production.

Secondly, we should also consider the matching of power. At present, the tractor equipped with corn harvester has a general power of more than 50 horsepower. When farmers choose corn harvester, they must choose the model matching with their existing tractor power.

For example, a 50 horsepower tractor can be matched with two rows of corn harvesters such as Shandong Weixin, while a farmer with 55.600.654.700.724 and other tractors can choose three rows of corn harvesters such as Weixin brand. We should avoid the phenomenon of "small horse pulling big car" and "big horse pulling small car". Realize the reasonable matching of tractor and harvester.

How To Choose The Economic And Applicable Farm Corn Combine Harvester

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